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CSR/Impact Films.

We tell your story the way it deserves to be told. The story about you, your journey, your organisation and the                                   .

lives it changes

Some of our work.


Their brief.

Castrol & The Yoga Institute collaborated to improve the wellness and health of truck drivers by creating a concept called 'Truck-asanas'. These were personalised asanas addressing the issues the truckers typically face. Our biggest intention with the film was to strike an empathetic chord and hopefully sensitise viewers to the difficulties of an industry, that is often taken for granted.


Their brief.

Hrudaya is very close to the hearts of Allu Aravind garu and Dr. Gopichand Mannam garu who came up with this initiative and carried out pro bono heart surgeries for over 2000 children from impoverished backgrounds. This film helped them spread the word and amplify their fundraising efforts. 

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Their brief.

The Spandana Foundation's orphanage story is still very close to our hearts. The children from this orphanage often go on to live lives as succesful and career driven adults. This was one of our earlier projects that we had done pro bono in hopes of helping the orphanage get more visibility and funding.

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