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Corporate Films.

We'll tell your business's story to the world.
Probably, better than any presentation ever will.


Some of our work.

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Their brief.

CEO's Club had a problem of getting boxed into being 'just another social club' for the successful. When they approached Attaboy, they wanted us to make the viewer understand the multiple functionings of the club. We took the brief and decided to capture the parts of a CEOs life that most magazine covers don't show. The day to day pressures, their families, the work life balancing act & other factors that made them people.


Their brief.

Ocean Sparkle was one of our earliest and most memorable projects.  When we set out to make this film, we wanted it to replicate what working at a port felt like. This journey quite literally 'lead us to the sea'. We spent a month across ports in the country, understanding the functionings and day-to-days of the company. One of the employees, after watching the film, said that he felt like he had a good response to the next time his children asked him "but what do you actually do, dad?"


Their brief.

Aarvee was one of the first corporate films in Hyderabad that extensively used drones to capture their large architectural projects like Ring Roads, Flyovers and  Dams across the country. The entire project took several months to complete but our clients at Aarvee were more than satisfied with the outcome. 


Their brief.

OSI digital was a challenging but an equally rewarding film. In contrast to our other clients, OSI Digital was an IT company. No large infrastructure projects to show or ports to be explored, their story lied in the screen of the computer and the people that worked with them sincerely for years. 

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