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we're an independent video production house
based out of hyderabad and cinema, story telling
& creativity  are 
a few of our favourite things. 

 coffee! how dare we forget!


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Our People
Our Story

Say hi   to the Attaboy! fam. We think from the heart, and love to tell a good story.

Attaboy Films was started in 2015 by this man.
Pratik Ramesh Prabhan usually referred to as PRP


This boy in Bahrain watched every SRK movie starry eyed and in very Badshah style, swore that he'd make cinema one day too.


The Middle-Class Malyali parents strictly said - Business Degree first, Cinema Second

After two years in JP Morgan and absolute corporate slavery, PRP believed there was better out there and set out.

Worked with the best ad agencies in Mumbai and learnt all there was about the skill. Packed his bags, moved to Hyderabad & started ...

Got his first break as an Assistant Director with Selvaraghavan, then Yash Raj Films.

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At destination


In our 10 odd years of existence,

we've made over 50

very very happy.

clients & businesses

We've helped small, medium & large

businesses put the   

word out there about

their products & impact

We've built a strong team of

directors, writers

cameramen, editors

who are exhilirating to work with

Here are some of our clients

& here is what they had to say about us.

He is one of the very few who does an extensive storyboard and gives you a blue print of how your end product would be. It’s impressive how he visualises his finished product at the pre-production stage itself and that gives you immense confidence in his work. 

 He can wait till kingdom come for his ”perfect shot” yet be ruthless in his quest for crisp edits. A visual raconteur non pareil!

His commitment and his insightful research and analysis of the client’s requirements has helped us in delivering projects which surpassed the clients’ expectations. He is both analytical and creative in his process and takes the time to genuinely understand the business he is collaborating with.


Sudha Prakash, CEO, Nuway

Ranjith Kumar,  Producer, Telugu Film Industry

Hari Varun, Director, VG Media

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We believe that the best ideas are always fuelled by coffee. 

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