Hari Varun

I have had the pleasure of working with Pratik on a number of projects such as corporate videos and television commercials. His commitment and his insightful research and analysis of the client’s requirements has helped us in delivering projects which surpassed the clients’ expectations while completing them on time and on budget. He is both analytical and creative in his process and takes the time to genuinely understand the business he is collaborating with. He has consistently demonstrated exceptional patience, creativity and professionalism and I would recommend Pratik to anyone seeking a creative, strategic and highly professional job.

Parveez Chinoy

I am a great admirer of Pratik’s work. Most people would say I am not easy to please and yet I could blindly rely on his brilliant creative ability to shoot two promos for our NuWay life skills organization and only saw the finished product which was superb. It captured the essence and finer nuances very beautifully. His amiable and helpful nature makes him a pleasure to deal with and I wish him all the very best for a successful future.

Sudha Prakash

I had the joy of working with Pratik Ramesh Prabhan when he created two short films for Nuway. He demonstrated maturity beyond his years and I would like to highlight two key qualities – inexhaustible patience and unique perspective. He can wait till kingdom come for his ” perfect shot” yet be ruthless in his quest for crisp edits. A visual raconteur non pareil, I wholeheartedly wish him much success. A seasoned head who thrives in all seasons, way to go Pratik!


Pratik is one of the most professional Director I have worked with. He is one of the very few who does an extensive storyboard and gives you a blue print of how your end product would be. It’s impressive how he visualises his finished product at the pre-production stage itself and that gives you immense confidence in his work. He has always wanted to try new approaches in his films and definitely wanted to be better than his last film. That’s what I like the most about this guy. Good luck Pratik. Your hard work and passion for films will take you a long way.

Vishal Bhardwaj

Attaboy Films is known for their perfect blend of creative elegance and high professional ethics. Over the past years, we have seen them produce high-quality content that goes one step beyond the market’s expectations. Our synergy with them worked out so well that they are now our creative partners. I strongly recommend their services to anyone looking for groundbreaking video content, no matter where you are in the world.