We are working for your success


To kick things off , we always get to know our clients – Understanding what they’re truly about. Once we feel like we know the brand inside out, we begin to develop treatments and scripts – always keeping it mind what the core messaging is.


We begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together. From assembling the right team, to figuring out the A to Z of the logistics of a shoot.


We tend to run a pretty tight shit on our shoots, always making sure that the technology complements the storytelling. We’re nerds, so if there’s a camera to be toyed with, we’re probably using that on one our productions right now.

Final Delivery

We deliver beautiful contend in full HD, 2K, 4K or any K that you may require. Be in digital, TV or Theatre, we know what it takes to create a professional presentation.

Attaboy Films is not just any other video production house. Okay, well maybe it is. But we don’t have a sales pitch or USP. We’re just a bunch of guys who love a great story. We aren’t formally trained, but then again that never stopped Tarantino, Mani Ratnam or KRK (ok bad example). We’ve gotten this far purely on hard work, passion and caffeine shots. At the heart of Attaboy Films is the conviction that passion and love for our work triumphs all. Our decades worth of experience in the industry has enabled us to produce high quality creative work in many forms be that branded content, music videos, documentaries, title sequences, feature films or television. So whether you’re the CEO of a big corporate or a small indie filmmaker, or somewhere in between that spectrum, give us a call. Because who doesn’t love a great story.